Exercise Programs

Keep Employees Healthy  

All routines are short timed, powerful, easy to do and learn. We will design a 10-15 minute qigong workout tailored to your workplace ergonomics, or we'll teach one of several ancient mind-body exercises.

Preventive care reduces health care costs, stress and injuries.

Wise employers invest in their human capital.

Seminars & Workshops

Are fun & informative ways for church groups, sports teams or civic groups to get the exercise they need while learning the internal martial art of qigong.  

These moving meditations have global effects on mind and body.

Qigong is an ancient gentle and effective way of maintaining physical vitality and youthfulness. These anti-aging longevity exercises prevent disease are joint-friendly, easy to do and can be preformed at any age or fitness level.

Private One-on One Lessons 

Qigong exercises remove and/or prevent disease.

Protect yourself from disease, relieve stress and restore youthful vigor. Learn about the microcosmic orbit, sinking the chi and why qigong is called acupuncture without the needles.