No gym equipment or change of clothes needed!

We deliver our services on location at client facilities.

We listen to your needs and apply specialized

expertise and offer customized solutions. 

Our instructors are certified professionals committed to providing tools that transform negative emotional energy into positive higher frequencies.

Qigong for Health

8 Brocades, (The path to heaven) remove and prevent disease to obtain perfect health. Each of the 8

movements is related to a specific chi meridian and is

associated with an internal organ such as liver, stomach etc.

Animal Frolics, Bear & Tiger Give your internal

organs an "inner massage" retard the aging process by

restoring organs to peak efficiency. Stimulate your lymph flow for a stronger immune system.

Tai Chi Chuan, The masterpiece of exercise.

Tai chi is the most popular exercise system in the world.

It is the Chinese way to maintain physical vitality and

youthfulness. Nourish the body calm the spirit.